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“Juanita Rodgers: A Journey from Nursery Rhymes to Poetry Contest Victory”

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Juanita Rodgers, a dedicated writer, draws inspiration from her Jackson, Mississippi upbringing. Her mother's influence ignited a passion for poetry through nursery rhymes. Raised in foster care, she explores deep and sometimes dark themes in her writing. In 2008, she embarked on a novel about her mother, but her mother's passing in 2015 burdened her with the pressure to fulfill her dream of publication.

Despite her ongoing struggle to focus, Juanita's talent shone when she clinched 1st place in the KVI Network Creations Poetry Contest. This accolade showcases her commitment to poetry. Juanita continues to pour her heart into her craft, endeavoring to turn her pain into a powerful testimony that inspires and uplifts others.

"Juanita Rodgers: From Nursery Rhymes to Poetry Contest Victory, Her Journey of Resilience"

Secures 1st Place in Prestigious Contest

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Founder of KVI Network Creations, I'm an accomplished author, poet, and theologian, bringing a unique blend of creativity and spirituality to my work. A retired combat veteran, I've dedicated my life to both art and service. Feel free to reach out at 401-388-0016.