A Vibrant Month for Poet Linette Rabsatt: A May to Remember

A Vibrant Month for Poet Linette Rabsatt: A May to Remember

May 2024 has been a whirlwind of poetic endeavors for Linette Rabsatt. With her work showcased in online readings, magazines, and a live poetry competition, Rabsatt is not only energized but also keen to inspire other writers to share their voices.

In these times of creative flourish, she also noticed a common sentiment among her peers: burnout. Addressing this, Rabsatt offers a poignant reminder that one’s job should not be a defining factor of self-worth. “You are more than a position,” she emphasizes. She encourages individuals to invest in themselves during their spare time—be it through learning, writing, growing, or crafting something new. She underscores the importance of maintaining a work-life balance: working hard, meeting deadlines, but also taking time for rest, prayer, laughter, and dance.

Rabsatt’s commitment to self-investment and growth is evident in her recent activities. This May, she has actively participated in various platforms to share her work and inspire others:

  • Pulse Poetry Magazine: Two of her poems are featured in the June 2024 issue.
  • Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio and YouTube: An invigorating interview with Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram that left her truly inspired.
  • Pour Your Heart Out Open Mic Virtual Contest: Rabsatt performed her poem, “A Michael Jackson Story,” and enjoyed engaging with fellow poets.

Adding to these accomplishments, Rabsatt and her peers have received nominations for the 2024 National Spoken Word Awards:

  • LA Rabsatt for Category #7 Best International Artist
  • Papi’s Poetry Corner for Category #17 Radio Show/TV or Radio Station of the Year
  • Angel Kim-Mack for Category #18 Best Spoken Word Storyteller
  • Nelly Vee for Category #20 P.O.E.T. Community Service Award

Reflecting on her belief that a job should not define one’s essence, Rabsatt shares a powerful piece from her archives:

A New Definition

I looked at myself and said, no way
my definition has gone astray
what is my purpose? what is my vision?
how am I making correct decisions
if I don’t have a clear definition?

I said if my goal was to look like BET
then there’s no future in that for me
how can I define myself by these TV standards
and make my life another sad played-out ballad

is it a man that I need to define me
to fight another sister recklessly?
girl, you can have that brother
my definition is for me to be a better mother

material things? they’ve come and gone
I focus on my needs – the priority, #1
this personal definition is not of my pocket
it’s my soul, my passion, the love I give and get

my education – yea that helps me plot my vision
raise my awareness and keep me in unison
still, a degree does not define me fully
but has opened my eyes to Mother Earth around me

so where does my definition lie?
a tiny taste of humble pie
brings me to realize that life
though tough and filled with rife
makes my definition complete

the love that has been given
and the love that I have given
makes me complete and real
my definition

© Linette Rabsatt

Rabsatt’s dedication to her craft and her mission to inspire others is also reflected in her literary offerings. She invites readers to get a copy of her Kindle book, “Be Inspired: Poems by Linette Rabsatt,” and to visit her YouTube page for her latest upload, “A Broken Pen,” shared during Poetry Downtown Rutland.

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