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“Unleashing the Power of Self-Mastery: A Journey with TC Neville Senior”

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It’s My Business, Mind Your Own: Strategies for Self-Mastery

“It’s My Business, Mind Your Own: Strategies for Self-Mastery” offers an intimate journey towards understanding and embracing the power of self-mastery. This book unfolds like a heartfelt conversation with a wise friend, brimming with stories that resonate and inspire. Authored by TC Neville Senior, whose rich experiences as an entrepreneur, poet, and storyteller infuse the narrative with unparalleled depth, this guide makes the pursuit of personal empowerment accessible and profoundly human. It invites readers to manage their lives with the diligence of a CEO but through the empathetic eyes of a poet, offering a beacon of light for anyone ready to navigate the beautiful complexities of life with intention, bravery, and grace.

It’s My Business, Mind Your Own: A Workbook for Self-Mastery

“It’s My Business, Mind Your Own: A Workbook for Self-Mastery” is your personal roadmap to unlocking the full potential of self-mastery. Styled as a series of engaging and introspective exercises, it feels like a guided dialogue with a mentor who understands the intricacies of personal growth. Inspired by TC Neville Senior’s rich background as an entrepreneur, poet, and storyteller, this workbook brings the lessons of self-empowerment to life in a manner that is both practical and deeply touching. It empowers you to take charge of your personal and professional development with the strategic mindset of a CEO, yet approaches each lesson with the sensitivity and insight of a poet. This workbook is your companion in exploring the complexities of your own life, encouraging you to act with intention, courage, and a refined sense of grace.

About the Author

TC Neville Senior, also known by his pen name Vee Nelly, serves as the CEO and Founder of KVI Network Creations. His diverse career encompasses roles as a writer, author, and designer, enriched by his experience as a combat US Marine veteran. Neville’s literary portfolio showcases his versatility, spanning a range of genres including poetry, thriller, horror, and science fiction. His academic achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Communications, alongside various other certifications, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and personal development.

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