“April Tia Glasgow: A Journey Through Poetry, Recognition, and Inspiration”

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April Tia Glasgow stands as a towering figure in Caribbean literature, her poetry weaving the rich tapestry of Caribbean life, culture, and nature into an exquisite narrative that resonates across the globe. Her contributions to Caribbean literature are profound, with her works featured in renowned anthologies such as “VI Callaloo: Poems from the Caribbean (2007),” “The Caribbean Writer: Volume 23 (2009),” and “Where I See the Sun: Contemporary Poetry from the Virgin Islands (2016).” These publications highlight the depth and diversity of Caribbean poetry, with Glasgow's voice leading the chorus of the region's most expressive and impactful poets.

Glasgow's literary prowess has been recognized on the global stage, exemplified by her accolade as the laureate of the UNESCO 2022 World Poetry Day Competition, a testament to her skill in crafting verses that transcend borders and touch the human spirit. Additionally, her talent secured her 3rd place in the KVI Network Creations Poetry Competition, further solidifying her status as a leading voice in contemporary poetry.

Beyond her written works, Glasgow has played a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant poetry scene in the British Virgin Islands through 'Microphone Messenjahs,' the premier poetry stage in the BVI. This platform, along with poetry slams and open mic events she has orchestrated over two decades, has nurtured a community of poets and poetry lovers, fostering an environment where the spoken word thrives and inspires.

Her influence extends to the spoken word as well, with her participation in the prestigious 2022 TedX Road Town event, where she shared her insights and inspirations, spreading the power of poetry beyond the written page. Her commitment to the craft and community of poetry demonstrates her role not just as a poet but as a beacon of cultural and literary enlightenment in the Caribbean.

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of April Tia Glasgow and her poetic journey, her LinkedIn profile, #theaprilglasgow, offers a gateway to connect, explore her works, and witness the impact of her poetry on Caribbean literature and beyond.

"Renowned Poet April Tia Glasgow Triumphs in UNESCO World Poetry Day and KVI Network Creations Competitions"

Secures 3rd Place in Prestigious Contest

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"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." Genesis 1:3

I am called to Ocean often
to remember how the Spirit of God
laid atop its big blue-black body before He spoke to the Darkness,
commanded it to divide, then declared the Day.
“To illuminate,” my lover tells me, “is Holy work, and man prospers in its fruits”
I sit inside the Ocean’s big belly and lick the salt from my lips,
and wonder what is considered God’s best work,
and where I can pick the best fruits to be the best wife, and mother and daughter
I tell the waters I must leave this place and never come back until I learn what God was
thinking when He made me.
Faith responds, “Just go towards the light, girl. There’s a big mirror on the wall.”
“Oh,” I whisper to God, smiling because I am one of the good things He made in the
“Let there be me.”

©April Tia Glasgow

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