Vee Nelly Nominated for National Spoken Word Awards

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Vee Nelly and Fellow Poets Nominated for National Spoken Word Awards

In the world of spoken word poetry, few names resonate as strongly as Vee Nelly. A dedicated poet, community leader, and founder of KVI Network Creations, LLC, Vee Nelly has made a profound impact on the spoken word scene. His commitment to using poetry as a tool for social change and community engagement has garnered him widespread recognition and respect.

Recently, Vee Nelly and his fellow poets received thrilling news that they have been nominated for the prestigious National Spoken Word Awards. This accolade is a testament to their exceptional talent and the significant contributions they have made to the art form.

Who is Vee Nelly?

©Nelly Vee

©Nelly Vee

Vee Nelly is not just a poet; he is a visionary who has dedicated his life to enriching the spoken word community. Based in West Warwick, Rhode Island, Vee Nelly founded KVI Network Creations, LLC, a platform that provides a voice to poets and artists from diverse backgrounds. His work focuses on inspiring, educating, and uplifting communities through the power of spoken word.

Initiatives and Impact

Vee Nelly is also the creator of the hashtag #LoveAbovetheLabel, a movement that encourages people to look beyond societal labels and appreciate the intrinsic worth of every individual. This initiative has gained traction on social media, promoting messages of love, acceptance, and unity. On his website blog, Vee Nelly features a section titled #Overcomers, where individuals share their powerful testimonies of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Furthering his commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic community, Vee Nelly created the Facebook group Cultures of Art, Poetry & Short Stories. This group serves as a platform for artists, poets, and writers to share their work, exchange ideas, and support one another. The group's purpose is to cultivate a space where creativity thrives and diverse voices can be heard and appreciated.

The Nominations

The National Spoken Word Awards celebrate excellence in spoken word poetry, recognizing artists who have made significant contributions to the art. This year, Vee Nelly and his colleagues have been nominated in several key categories:

  1. Best International Artist (Category #7): LA Rabsatt
  2. Radio Show/TV or Radio Station of the Year (Category #17): Papi's Poetry Corner
  3. Best Spoken Word Storyteller (Category #18): Angel Kim-Mack
  4. P.O.E.T. Community Service Award (Category #20): Nelly Vee

These nominations highlight the diverse talents within the spoken word community and the unique contributions of each artist. For Vee Nelly, the nomination for the P.O.E.T. Community Service Award is particularly significant. It recognizes his tireless efforts to use poetry as a means of community service, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment through his work.

A Call for Support

The spoken word community is calling on supporters to help these talented poets secure their well-deserved awards. Voting is now open, and every vote counts. To support Vee Nelly and his fellow nominees, visit the National Spoken Word Awards voting page and cast your votes in the respective categories.


The nominations for the National Spoken Word Awards are a celebration of the dedication, passion, and talent that Vee Nelly and his fellow poets bring to the spoken word community. As they continue to inspire and uplift through their art, these nominations serve as a reminder of the power of poetry to effect positive change. Let’s show our support and help them achieve this well-deserved recognition.

Stay tuned for more updates on Vee Nelly and the National Spoken Word Awards as we celebrate this exciting journey together.

A special thanks to De'Andre Hawthorne and team for putting this event together.

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