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Creator's Spotlight ✨🎨📚

April 2024 Edition

"Welcome to KVI Network Creators of the Month feature, where we shine a spotlight on different Artists, Authors, or Entrepreneurs and their works each month. Stay tuned to this page for exclusive showcases!"

Hezekiah Morris: An Exclusive Insight into a Literary Journey


We are thrilled to share an exclusive interview with the celebrated author, Hezekiah Morris, on KVI Network Creations. Dive deep into the essence of Morris's literary journey, his approach to storytelling, and the profound themes that define his work. From overcoming challenges to achieving notable accolades, Morris opens up about the inspirations behind his writings, offering invaluable advice to aspiring writers along the way.

Discover how everyday struggles and personal growth influence his narratives, making his stories resonate with readers worldwide. Morris's reflections on discipline, creativity, and the importance of feedback and criticism provide a roadmap for anyone looking to embark on their own writing journey.

Join us as we explore the life and works of Hezekiah Morris, a voice of resilience, hope, and inspiration. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of literature and a reminder of the impact one individual's story can have on the world.

Stay connected and be inspired. #HezekiahMorris #AuthorInterview #WritingJourney

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Spoken Word 2024

"My original creation, spotlighted on the international radio station, ZBVI on March 21 in honor of World Poetry Day, is titled 'Painted Evolution' 🎨📻 (the image that sparked this poetry is not original). #SpokenWord #PoetryFeature #WorldPoetryDay #PaintedEvolution"

Painted Evolution – Vee Nelly

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It's My Business, Mind Your Own: "Strategies for Self-Mastery: Navigating Life with the Acumen of a CEO"

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It's My Business, Mind Your Own: Strategies for Self-Mastery" offers an intimate journey towards understanding and embracing the power of self-mastery. This book unfolds like a heartfelt conversation with a wise friend, brimming with stories that resonate and inspire. Authored by TC Neville Senior, whose rich experiences as an entrepreneur, poet, and storyteller infuse the narrative with unparalleled depth, this guide makes the pursuit of personal empowerment accessible and profoundly human. It invites readers to manage their lives with the diligence of a CEO but through the empathetic eyes of a poet, offering a beacon of light for anyone ready to navigate the beautiful complexities of life with intention, bravery, and grace.

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Its My Biz Cover
Sensing Fate.jpg

Sensing Fate: Echoes of a World's End Date




Dive into "Echoes of a World's End Date: Sensing Fate," where an epic battle between light and darkness unfolds. Meet Mark, a man destined to become a Sentinel, guarding our world against forces that lurk in the shadows. Inside a mysterious house brimming with secrets, Mark and his allies face entities beyond imagination: from the earth-shaking Abyssal Whisperer to the cunning Eclipse Master.

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Poetry, Prose, & Short Stories 📖✍️📚


Book of Beauty


"Destiny, a young African American girl, overcomes bullying and discrimination to triumph as Miss Universe, proving that true beauty and strength come from within." #Empowerment #TrueBeauty #OvercomingAdversity #MissUniverse #InspirationalStory #DiversityInBeauty

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