“Anthony Arnold: A Literary Beacon of Black History”

Press Release: Exclusive Interview with Anthony Arnold on KVI Network Creations


KVI Network Creations had the honor of sitting down with the esteemed author Anthony Arnold, delving into his inspirational journey and the creative ethos behind his impactful work in literature, particularly focusing on black history.

Anthony Arnold

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In this exclusive interview, Arnold shares the roots of his inspiration, tracing back to his upbringing in the South. This environment, rich with history and personal experiences, has significantly shaped his path as an author. Arnold reflects, “The environment, the people, and the experiences there directed me toward the path I’m on today.”

Arnold’s writing process is deeply intertwined with research, especially in black history, which leads him to explore various interconnected subjects. He describes his approach to writing as intuitive, allowing his “third eye” to guide the flow of words.

When discussing the balance between creativity and discipline, Arnold reveals that he does not impose strict deadlines on himself, allowing his creativity to unfold in its own time. This approach also informs his advice to aspiring writers: “Take your time. Writing is a deeply personal journey.”

The challenge of starting his first book was a significant hurdle for Arnold, marking a pivotal moment in his creative career. To overcome writer’s block, Arnold advocates for taking breaks, allowing for fresh perspectives upon return.

Arnold cites Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou as substantial influences on his writing style, emphasizing their impact on his voice and narrative approach. He views feedback and criticism as crucial for growth, despite the inherent challenges they pose.

The author’s identity, background, and culture are the foundation of his creative work, providing a unique lens through which he views and interprets the world. Arnold’s books, which delve into these themes, are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To stay updated with Anthony Arnold and his latest works, he encourages readers to connect with him on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, Arnold emphasizes the importance of supporting local authors, highlighting the untapped talent within communities.

KVI Network Creations is proud to present this enlightening conversation, offering readers an in-depth look at Anthony Arnold’s creative process and his dedication to representing black history through literature.

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