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“Tishauni Hall: 2nd Place in Rhapsody & Rhythm Poetry Contest”

Tishauni Hall

A Rising Star in Poetry Secures 2nd Place at the Rhapsody & Rhythm Contest

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Tishauni Hall: A Rising Star in Poetry Secures 2nd Place at the Rhapsody & Rhythm Contest

In a remarkable testament to her talent and depth as a poet, Tishauni Hall has clinched the second-place award in the prestigious Rhapsody & Rhythm Poetry Contest, hosted by KVI Network Creations LLC. Her unique exploration of melancholy and existential themes has set her apart in the literary world, marking her as a compelling voice in contemporary poetry. In an intimate interview, Hall shares her journey, inspirations, and the profound impact of winning this accolade.

A Philosophical Muse: The Genesis of a Poetic Voice

Expressing the Inexpressible

Tishauni Hall's journey into the realm of poetry and writing was ignited by her deep affinity for philosophy and the arts. Struggling with traditional forms of expression, Hall found her voice in poetry, a medium that allowed her to articulate her complex thoughts and emotions with surprising ease. "I've always had a keen interest in philosophy and poetry," Hall states, reflecting on her beginnings. "I'm not good at expressing myself but through poetry, I find that I do it quite easily."

The Art of Creation: A Process of Inspiration and Discipline

Drawing from a Well of Experiences

Hall's creative process is a testament to her commitment to her craft, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources including literature, cinema, and the nuances of everyday life. By dedicating a portion of her day to writing, she balances the spontaneity of creativity with the rigors of discipline, ensuring her poetic voice continues to evolve and resonate.

A Poetic Lens on the Human Condition

With a focus on melancholic and existentialist themes, Hall's poetry invites readers into a reflective exploration of life's inherent complexities. Her work serves as a conduit for empathy and understanding, offering solace and insight to those who traverse her verses.

The Discipline Behind the Art

A Structured Approach to Creativity

Facing the dual demands of creativity and productivity, Hall has developed a structured approach to her writing. Allocating specific times for brainstorming and drafting, she ensures that each poem is a distilled expression of her thematic interests and personal reflections.

Empowerment Through Words

Advice for the Aspiring Poet

To aspiring writers, Hall offers a message of confidence and perseverance: "Be confident in your writing and most of all yourself. Don't let your fear of trying something new hinder your potential." Her journey underscores the importance of self-belief and the courage to explore uncharted territories.

A Memorable Milestone: The Rhapsody & Rhythm Contest

A Recognition of Talent and Depth

Securing the second-place position in the Rhapsody & Rhythm Poetry Contest is not just a personal achievement for Hall but a moment of validation and encouragement. Reflecting on this experience, Hall recounts the challenge of balancing her passion for poetry with the demands of her final year in high school, a period marked by procrastination and last-minute inspirations. Yet, it was this very poem, crafted under the pressure of a looming deadline, that garnered her the esteemed award.

Inspiration and Overcoming Stagnation

The Power of Music and Nature

When faced with writer's block, Hall turns to music and the tranquility of the night sky, seeking inspiration in the harmony of sounds and the serene beauty of the moon. These moments of contemplation and connection with the natural world reinvigorate her creative spirit.

Influences, Feedback, and the Journey Ahead

A Path Carved by Influential Voices

Influenced by the poignant works of Mahmoud Darwish, Hall values the critical feedback and perspectives that challenge and enrich her writing. Her approach to poetry is marked by an openness to criticism, allowing her to view her work through multiple lenses and deepen her engagement with her audience.

Connecting and Continuing the Conversation

Engagement Through Dialogue

Though Tishauni Hall has yet to publish a collection of her works, she remains accessible and eager to connect with readers and fellow poets alike. She encourages those interested in her poetry and journey to reach out via email, fostering a community of dialogue and shared insights.

A Beacon of Perseverance and Promise

Looking to the Future with Hope

As Tishauni Hall reflects on her achievement and the road ahead, she leaves a parting message of perseverance: "It's okay to be unsure of what your next step is, but do remember that perseverance is key!" With the recognition of the Rhapsody & Rhythm Poetry Contest under her belt, Hall is poised to continue her exploration of the depths of human emotion and thought, promising to be a beacon for those who find solace and strength in her words.

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A Feeling You Cannot Ignore


A funny yet peculiar term,

That we as humans sometimes

Fail to understand but cannot ignore.

Like a papercut on the tip of your finger,

You fail to realize it is there.

That is until you notice, the essence of life

oozing from your delicately knitted skin.

Falling in love is a magical feeling but

the idea of the fall should never be questioned.

To love is to find beauty in what the world diminishes and calls ugly.

Even when strangers point their fingers and snicker,

Because true love is what some people call

Love above the label.

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KVI Network Creations, LLC Hosts Successful Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event


By Nelly Vee, February 14, 2024



In a celebration of creativity and artistic expression, KVI Network Creations, LLC recently hosted the Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event. Poets, spoken word artists, and rappers were invited to submit entries in the following categories: poetry, spoken word, and rap. Each submission had to include the theme's string #tag: Love-Above-the-Label.

Melanie Johnson (US) claimed the top spot in the poetry category with her poignant piece "Loving Who," earning a grand prize cash award of $75. Tishauni Hall (Virgin Islands) and Kiyma Cooper (US) tied for second place with their respective works, "A Feeling You Cannot Ignore" and "Untitled." Keisha Short's (US) "My Rhapsody" and Tiffany Brewley's (Virgin Islands) "Love that Binds" rounded up the top positions in third and fourth place, respectively.

Despite some categories experiencing low participation, the event was a resounding success, highlighting the power of language and rhythm in storytelling.

Judges, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, evaluated each entry based on criteria including emotional impact, technical proficiency, and cultural relevance. The blind voting process ensured impartiality and maintained the integrity of the judging process.

"We were thrilled to witness such incredible talent and creativity showcased in the Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event," remarked DiDi (Judge), CEO and Founder of M.R.B.S. "Despite the challenges, the event underscored the importance of providing platforms for artists to share their voices and stories."

Looking ahead, KVI Network Creations, LLC remains committed to supporting and promoting artistic endeavors that enrich and inspire communities worldwide.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact [email protected]

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Nelly Vee
Founder & CEO
KVI Network Creations, LLC

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