“Kiyma Cooper: 2nd Place Winner Unveils Poetry’s Power of Resilience”

Kiyma Cooper: Triumph and Inspiration

A Journey Through Poetry

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Kiyma Cooper Claims 2nd Place in Rhapsody & Rhyme Poetry Contest: A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration



In a deeply moving journey from darkness to literary acclaim, Kiyma Cooper has secured the second-place prize at the Rhapsody & Rhyme Poetry Contest, hosted by KVI Network Creations. This achievement is not just a testament to Cooper's poetic prowess but also her resilience in the face of adversity. Through an exclusive interview, Cooper shares her path to becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration, her creative ethos, and her unwavering commitment to uplifting others.

Transforming Pain into Poetry

Inspiration from Adversity

Kiyma Cooper's foray into writing was catalyzed by her experiences with bullying. Finding refuge in the act of writing, she transformed her pain into poetry, using her pen to cry out and heal. "Being a victim of bullying, I cried through my pen. I transferred my pain to the pen," Cooper shares, revealing the profound emotional foundation of her work.

The Creative Process: A Journey of Hope

Encouraging Others Through Words

Cooper's writing process is deeply imbued with a desire to inspire and encourage others. She sees her work as a vessel for hope, aiming to uplift those who encounter her poetry. This mission-driven approach has shaped her thematic focus on inspiration and encouragement, making her writings a source of strength for many.

Balancing Discipline and Spirituality

Staying Grounded Amidst Creativity

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The challenge of maintaining creative productivity while adhering to deadlines is met with Cooper's deep-rooted spirituality. Prayer and spiritual practice keep her centered, ensuring that her creativity flows from a place of clarity and purpose. "Praying and keeping my spirituality first. Keeping a clear mind," she explains, highlighting the spiritual discipline that underpins her work.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers

Pushing Forward Through Challenges

Cooper's advice to aspiring writers is a reflection of her own journey: persistence in the face of adversity. She encourages others to keep pushing forward, regardless of the obstacles. "Even through the roughest time, keep pushing forward to your goals," she advises, offering a message of resilience and determination.

Overcoming Creative Obstacles

Navigating Health, Spirituality, and Mental Stability

A memorable challenge in Cooper's career has been balancing her health, spiritual well-being, and mental stability. This triad of personal wellness is crucial to her ability to create, and she manages these aspects by taking moments to reflect and clear her mind, especially when facing writer's block or creative stagnation.

Influential Voices and Critical Feedback

Learning from Literary Giants and Audience Insights

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The writings of Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and particularly Nikki Giovanni have deeply influenced Cooper's style and philosophical outlook. Moreover, she values critical feedback as a vital component of her creative process, seeing it as a tool for learning and impact assessment.

The Influence of Identity, Background, and Culture

A Rich Tapestry of Influence

Cooper's identity, background, and culture significantly influence her work, providing a rich tapestry from which she draws inspiration. She emphasizes the importance of showing others, especially those from similar cultural backgrounds, that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Connecting with Kiyma Cooper

Finding Her Works and Staying Updated

Kiyma Cooper's books are available on Amazon, offering readers easy access to her published works. Fans and new readers alike can connect with Cooper through various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and SoundCloud, where she shares updates and insights into her creative journey.

A Parting Message of Hope

Looking Ahead with Optimism

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In a parting message to her audience, Cooper emphasizes the possibility of brighter days ahead, regardless of past hurts and challenges. "Despite the hurt and pain you may be going through or have gone through, there is always brighter days ahead. Don't give up," she concludes, offering a universal message of hope and perseverance.

Kiyma Cooper's second-place win at the Rhapsody & Rhyme Poetry Contest is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of poetry to heal, inspire, and empower. Her journey from pain to poetic acclaim is an inspiring narrative of resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of the human spirit.

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2nd Place Winner 🏆


You speak negative about me, Your words about my weight is hurtful you see.

Not understanding the pain in my life. The wounds cut like an invisible knife.

In the mirror trying to see the beauty in me, but harsh names that’s all I see.

Battling this disease, people judging saying child please.

Wanting to give up feeling empty inside, hearing that voice “its just suicide”.

One could never understand what it’s like, the binging and purging the after strife.

So as I place all my hurt and pain on the table, I’ll forever place continuous love above the label.

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KVI Network Creations, LLC Hosts Successful Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event


By Nelly Vee, February 14, 2024



In a celebration of creativity and artistic expression, KVI Network Creations, LLC recently hosted the Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event. Poets, spoken word artists, and rappers were invited to submit entries in the following categories: poetry, spoken word, and rap. Each submission had to include the theme's string #tag: Love-Above-the-Label.

Melanie Johnson (US) claimed the top spot in the poetry category with her poignant piece "Loving Who," earning a grand prize cash award of $75. Tishauni Hall (Virgin Islands) and Kiyma Cooper (US) tied for second place with their respective works, "A Feeling You Cannot Ignore" and "Untitled." Keisha Short's (US) "My Rhapsody" and Tiffany Brewley's (Virgin Islands) "Love that Binds" rounded up the top positions in third and fourth place, respectively.

Despite some categories experiencing low participation, the event was a resounding success, highlighting the power of language and rhythm in storytelling.

Judges, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, evaluated each entry based on criteria including emotional impact, technical proficiency, and cultural relevance. The blind voting process ensured impartiality and maintained the integrity of the judging process.

"We were thrilled to witness such incredible talent and creativity showcased in the Rapsody & Rhyme Contest Event," remarked DiDi (Judge), CEO and Founder of M.R.B.S. "Despite the challenges, the event underscored the importance of providing platforms for artists to share their voices and stories."

Looking ahead, KVI Network Creations, LLC remains committed to supporting and promoting artistic endeavors that enrich and inspire communities worldwide.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact [email protected]

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Nelly Vee
Founder & CEO
KVI Network Creations, LLC

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