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W. †. Sheppard



Greetings, respected visitors, family, and new friends. Blessings to you, I am a new author who go by the name W. †. Sheppard aka the Modern Day Moses and I am a local of Augusta, Georgia. No, I do not profess to be a prophet, but I say Modern Day Moses in the context that God can use anyone He pleases, no matter what one has done in the past.
Consider the story of Moses and how God used this vessel to rescue His people and teach them His Commandments. That being said, my favorite quote:
“I am the modern-day Moses, I left the streets a murderer to come back as a deliverer! So, if you too, ‘live on the course of righteousness long enough, God will rewrite your résumé!’”
I Heard about KVI Network Creations through a respected friend who said that this company was the best community to do business with because you get results!
You can find my work on KVI Network Creations, LLC’s webpage, and everywhere books are sold. I’ve been experienced in writing for more than 20 years in obscurity, and 3 years in the public eye. My motivation to write was inspired by my late brother Cardell who told me to “write our story so they wouldn’t forget about us”.
My preferred genre when it comes to books is based on truth in whatever form it comes in…life stories to biblical teachings. My current works in progress involve the publishing of my new book, “The Hidden Miracle,” and tackling two more book ideas in my notes.
My inspirations for getting me into this trade, not only was my brother Cardell but my Bishops Hill and James. Listening to them speak made me always want to jot every word down so it wouldn’t be lost. This way I can pass this knowledge to others.
“Knowledge is meant to be shared.”
My future work involves:
> The Chess Game of the Kingdoms coauthored with Bishop James;
> In My Own Words Vol.1 Apprehension;
> My Rich Dad of Faith-My Poor Dad of Faith,
and turning my previously published work, The Kingdom’s Currency (How to purchase your blessing), as well as any future work into workbooks, audiobooks, self-study online programs, with live coaching interactions. I want my books to be the start of a relationship, growing from fans to family.
Before I wrap this greeting up, I would love for my readers to be mindful of this:
“Stay Focused, because Distractions Destroys Discernment, Devalues Dedication, Derails Direction, and Kills Consistency. Make your focus so critical that you have to guard it. As always, it's kingdom business as usual!”
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and in Jesus’ name, kingdom blessings. If you would love to help support my cause, especially with the publishing of my books and helping me maintain this webpage, you can make donations by clicking the Fundraiser tab above.
Respectfully Submitted,
W. †. Sheppard, Author (M.D.M)
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Editorial Reviews

“Christian author W. T. Sheppard unfolds a riveting but heartbreaking story, which is full of constructive advice that is relayed through his interludes: “Heavenly Perspectives“.
Sheppard shares a personal story that juxtaposes the conventional prejudices about a woman maintaining a relationship with a man in prison.
“The Hidden Miracle” reveals the playful, loving heart that many do not expect to find in an incarcerated man. It also examines the intent of those who freely choose to maintain a relationship with the incarcerated.
Is the prisoner always the one who shatters hearts and relentlessly manipulates the innocent? Can women fulfill that role just as easily?
This story offers unique insights into the personal depths of the author, and the “Heavenly Perspectives” provide instruction on dealing with tribulations that plague many of us every day.”
— Musical Professor, R. Harvey, June 2022
©Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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Mr. Sheppard, also known as the Modern Day Moses, hails from Augusta, Georgia. He emphasizes that anyone can be a vessel for God's divine purposes. He's been inspired by his late brother and mentors in his writing journey. He's working on upcoming books and aims to create a close-knit family of supporters through his literary endeavors. Donations for his cause are accepted on his website.