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The Power of the Tongue: How Words Shape Reality and Influence Lives

Discover the power of the tongue in shaping reality and influencing lives. Learn how words create reality and impact personal development and social dynamics. Understand how language shapes thoughts and take responsibility for the impact of your speech. Explore historical and cultural wisdom on the importance of words. Harness the power of the tongue through self-awareness, mindfulness, and a growth mindset in communication. Shape your world with conscious and meaningful words.

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Rita Rana: Need of a Change

Discover the remarkable book, “Need Of A Change, A New Beginning” by Rita Rana. It’s a collection of deep and engaging poems/prose that will touch your soul. Experience warmth, love, and truth in this five-star read. Don’t miss out! #bookrecommendation #poetry

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Coming Soon: The Hidden Miracle

Introducing “The Hidden Miracle” by W. Sheppard aka the Modern Day Moses. Discover a riveting story filled with constructive advice and “Heavenly Perspectives” that offer guidance in dealing with life’s tribulations. Explore the unexpected depth of an incarcerated man’s heart and challenge conventional prejudices. Learn how to support the author’s cause and get involved in his mission. Click here to read more.

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