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Author W. T. Sheppard

Editorial Reviews

“Christian author W. T. Sheppard unfolds a riveting but heartbreaking story, which is full of constructive advice that is relayed through his interludes: “Heavenly Perspectives“.
Sheppard shares a personal story that juxtaposes the conventional prejudices about a woman maintaining a relationship with a man in prison.
“The Hidden Miracle” reveals the playful, loving heart that many do not expect to find in an incarcerated man. It also examines the intent of those who freely choose to maintain a relationship with the incarcerated.
Is the prisoner always the one who shatters hearts and relentlessly manipulates the innocent? Can women fulfill that role just as easily?
This story offers unique insights into the personal depths of the author, and the “Heavenly Perspectives” provide instruction on dealing with tribulations that plague many of us every day.”
— Musical Professor, R. Harvey, June 2022
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