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“Christian author W. T. Sheppard unfolds a riveting but heartbreaking story, which is full of constructive advice that is relayed through his interludes: “Heavenly Perspectives“.
Sheppard shares a personal story that juxtaposes the conventional prejudices about a woman maintaining a relationship with a man in prison.
“The Hidden Miracle” reveals the playful, loving heart that many do not expect to find in an incarcerated man. It also examines the intent of those who freely choose to maintain a relationship with the incarcerated.
Is the prisoner always the one who shatters hearts and relentlessly manipulates the innocent? Can women fulfill that role just as easily?
This story offers unique insights into the personal depths of the author, and the “Heavenly Perspectives” provide instruction on dealing with tribulations that plague many of us every day.”
— Musical Professor, R. Harvey, June 2022
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  1. @Sheppard: There are some people out there who may be offended about stories surrounding the word “incarcerated” in the same sentence as the word “love”. Some may even say, What good can come from behind the walls of a Prison? Does God show mercy or even forgive convicts? How can people see God in someone society has already deemed unfit?

    • Through life I’ve learned that the flesh is a mess regardless whose bones its on. That goes for the free and the imprisoned alike. Mistakes are all in our flesh, but if we have an eraser named Jesus, WE can always start over. That being said, a mans condition doesn’t have to be a mans conclusion. People have a right to change their minds, and it’ll be atrocious behavior to oppose it. Because we all do it, and will do it until we expire.
      Many people, and I’m sad to say this, will miss a Joseph due to a Potiphar’s wife deceptive tales. Even more may miss a Daniel thinking its just a den full of liars. You who think otherwise may miss the Lord because he, his spirit was grooming, growing, and glorifying himself through men imprisoned like, Peter, Paul, and Silas because you came unto them not and prejudged a thing before its time. Chew up this story The Hidden Miracle for a fools tale if you’d like, and after reading it I guarantee you come away with a belly full of sense and perspective anew.
      Furthermore, the bookends that hold the bible together is forgiveness-because love indeed is love in deed. Just think: What is the power of the Cross of Calvary? It is pictures of what we used to be outside of God. Everyone from Adam, to The Apostle Paul, even to you and me, we were convicted in heavens courts as sinners in every aspect of its vile nature. But God! However, I must if you’d allow me refer back to Moses, of whom I emulate myself after.
      Moses, a man who fled the Egyptian sandy clad streets as a murderer. After doing 40 years so to speak of hard time on the backside of desert in a hard place. Yet, it was after his failure, met with grace and mercy at burning bush experience with the Lord of the closes kind, he eventually came back as a deliverer! He went from doing it his way, to doing it through the power of Yahweh and the differentiation is clearly seen. He looked towards the cross, and we look back at the cross and the blood that streamed down with its transformation power!
      Now, what is grace? What is mercy? Grace is giving you what you don’t deserve. Mercy is not giving you what you do deserve. There is no one on this entire earth who hasn’t experienced this unmerited favour, and a fresh layered mercy. If I’m not mistaken, mercy is for the guilty, not the innocence.
      Its not about our love per say, yet, the love of the Lord. Have you not read scripture, for God so loved the world that he gave; or who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger or sword? For I’m sure that neither death nor life, angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
      I digress to say all men don’t come to steal. Some come to heal, restore, and altruistically give back what society, tragedy, and dysfunctional families have stolen-permission to love themselves again and to be loved!
      Of a truth, its not for everyone, but love is meant for everyone.
      Kingdom Business As Usual!

  2. William + Sheppard’s, The Hidden Miracle, is an incisive and engrossing perspective of incarcerated love. It’s an inarguably important book that demands the widest possible readership. Read the book because it’s important; but read it also to feel, to heal, to empathize and enjoy.

    • Thank you very much Mr. Akins, but, we all know, you’re only saying that because you mean it! Lol. I do think you for taking the time to read my manuscript in its raw state.
      However, I believe this book will bring the once hidden compartment of love through prison bars into the search lite for all to see how some of the most selfless of men can be the ones mostly taken for granted. Also, to allow the women who desires to love someone incarcerated to step back, count the cost, and taking the appropriate time to foresee the initial investments return. Then, and only then can they ask themselves, can I undergo postponed pleasure for a life of superlative love in loves due seasonseason? Or do I just want the convenience of having a loving ear, without the responsibility of maintaining it, leaving it solely to the man behind bars? kingdom business as usual!

  3. Greetings! This is Vee. Today we have created a GoFundMe account for the up-and-coming author W. T. Sheppard and ask that you help support his cause by any means to which you can. You can visit the link by clicking https://gofund.me/0810d7fd

    Feel free to ask this author any respectable question about his book and his works.

    Thank You in advance, Vee
    Founder | KVI Network Creations, LLC

    • Thank you to everyone whose supporting my desire to get my message to the world at large and the microcosm (the world inside of the world) prison by financial support, or upholding me this endeavor in prayer. We believe The Hidden Miracle will in fact bring come clarity, needed exposure, and healthy conversational pieces that have been overlooked for far to long. Let’s make this a reality as a team. Because you don’t go as far as your dream but as far as your team. Kingdom Blessings
      With true regards, I am W. †. Sheppard
      The Modern Day Moses

    • Personally I believe they do. However, I think the writer is of most importance because everything from movies to books starts with an author, or scribe. Stories, historical lives, events have been erased due to the fact that they were never written so for the most part they were never lived!

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