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“Virgin Islander Poet Wins 2nd Place in Contest”

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A Beacon of Dedication and Creativity: Recognizing Ms. Nickiesha Richards

Every Thursday in the Virgin Islands, the Deputy Governor takes a moment to commend and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to their community. This week, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on Ms. Nickiesha Richards, an extraordinary talent whose achievements in the realm of poetry have not only caught the attention of the community but have left us in awe of her creativity and dedication…

“I am truly delighted to to congratulate Ms. Richards on her tremendous success in the recently concluded poetry competition organized by KVI Network [Creation]s. Her poem, ‘Untitled,’ which secured the second place in this competition, stands as a testament to her incredible talent, creativity, and skill… Help me thank Ms. Richard and encourage her to continue to exude greatness.”

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Nikiesha Richards, a dedicated Virgin Islander in her late 30s, epitomizes the fusion of creativity and professionalism. With over two decades of poetic exploration, she recently embarked on a more serious writing journey. Simultaneously, Nikiesha has held the role of a steadfast prison officer for over 11 years, showcasing her unwavering commitment to her challenging profession.

Her current endeavor revolves around the forthcoming publication of her debut book, a testament to her diverse interests. Nikiesha adeptly maintains the equilibrium between her career and the realm of writing, where her passion for creativity and self-expression shines brilliantly. Notably, she achieved 2nd place at the KVI Network Creations Word Prompt Poetry Contest, solidifying her position as a talented writer and her steadfast dedication to her craft and profession.

Virgin Islander Poet Nikiesha Richards Shines in Professional Career and Poetry

Secures 2nd Place in Prestigious Contest

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