“Didi Donovan: Champion Award Winner and Advocate for All”

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Her hard work is duly recognized.

Didi Donovan, the CEO and founder of Maximum Return Business Solutions, is being recognized for her significant contributions behind the scenes. She has played a crucial role in our fundraiser, KVI Unite Creators & Writers’ Fund, and has volunteered as a mediator and judge in numerous past events. Didi’s unparalleled inspiration and resilience, combined with her motivation, optimism, and generous heart, have consistently inspired and motivated us to continue our mission of assisting and encouraging others.

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Champion Award 2021 – 2023

Didi Donovan is a Certified Paralegal holding a B.S. in Criminal Justice with Honors. She is also a Commissioner of Oaths and holds a Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership. Didi is a versatile professional who serves as a Case Manager at the Family Support Network in Tortola. Additionally, she pursues her interests in interior design and wedding planning.

Beyond her professional roles, Didi Donovan is a well-rounded individual with a profound passion for travel, gardening, sailing, reading, and engaging in intellectual conversations. She draws inspiration from the motto, “If you don’t succeed at first, try again,” which reflects her resilient and determined nature.

What is DiDi Doing?

Advocating for All

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Domestic violence remains a grave concern in the Caribbean and around the world. It transcends borders, affecting individuals regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, or social status. This pervasive issue is characterized by physical, emotional, and psychological abuse within intimate relationships. In the Caribbean, efforts to combat this problem are gaining momentum through awareness campaigns and legislative changes. However, global initiatives are crucial to address the universal nature of domestic violence, emphasizing the need for education, support, and legal measures to protect victims and break the cycle of abuse.


In a British Virgin Islands school, 6th graders listened intently as Didi Donovan, CEO of Maximum Return Business Solutions, spoke about domestic violence. Didi stressed the issue’s seriousness and shared essential statistics, urging the young minds to be aware and compassionate. Her visit left a lasting impression on the students, inspiring them to be advocates for change in their communities.

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