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"Discovering Depth and Resilience: An Author Spotlight on Sakaiah Reign"


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Welcome to our latest Author Spotlight, where we delve into the creative minds shaping today's literary world. In this edition, we feature Sakaiah Reign, a passionate and imaginative author whose journey in writing is as compelling as her stories. From early influences to her unique approach to writing, Sakaiah offers insights into her world of narrative creation.

Interview with an Authoress:

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Q&A with Sakaiah Reign:

Q1: What sparked your journey as a writer?

A: Since I was five, I've been immersed in the world of writing, inspired by my mother's support. Although fashion initially caught my interest, my path veered towards literature during my college years. My deep-rooted passion for writing was reignited, leading me to explore the realms of my imagination. I've transformed challenging life experiences into a fictional series, hoping to resonate with readers and offer them both solace and enjoyment.

Q2: Could you share your writing process and approach?

A: My best work emerges when I clear my mind of distractions. I'm driven by spontaneous bursts of ideas, which I endeavor to capture immediately. My preparation involves immersing myself in favorite genres like horror and thrillers, coupled with personal reflections and conversations that spark creativity.

Q3: Are there recurring themes in your creative work?

A: My writing gravitates towards exploring narcissistic abuse, family tragedies, and dramatic narratives. I aim to delve into the intricacies of personal experiences, providing a lens into the minds of my characters while weaving in potential resolutions.

Q4: How do you balance creativity with discipline and deadlines?

A: To maintain my creative flow, I've adopted a routine of taking two-week breaks intermittently. This approach helps rejuvenate my creativity and keeps me grounded in my writing discipline.

Q5: Any advice for aspiring writers?

A: Trust in the power of your imagination. Although challenges are inevitable, embrace them as part of your unique journey. The rewards of your perseverance and creativity are truly fulfilling.

Q6: Share a memorable experience from your creative career.

A: Joining a live poetry group was a transformative experience. It provided a sense of belonging and freedom, allowing me to explore the depths of my emotions and creativity without limitations.

Q7: How do you tackle writer’s block?

A: This year, I've embraced taking short breaks to overcome creative blocks. I find that stepping away and then returning with a fresh perspective can reignite my passion for writing.

Q8: Which authors or books have influenced your writing style?

A: The works of Niki Jilvontaes and Lissa St. Julian, particularly "Sins of thy Mother" and "Hide Your Kids," have significantly shaped my writing. Their unapologetic and raw storytelling resonates deeply with me.

Q9: How important is feedback in your creative process?

A: Feedback is crucial. It's a tool for growth, allowing me to refine my writing and further trust in my creative instincts.

Q10: How does your identity and background influence your work?

A: Overcoming the stereotype of learning disabilities has been a cornerstone of my journey. I aspire to inspire others in the literary world to pursue their dreams regardless of the challenges they face.

Q11: Where can readers find your books?

A: My books are available on Amazon, including "Meeka Chronicles: Love Lies and Broken Hearts" and its sequel on Kindle Vella.

Q12: How can your readers connect with you?

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©Sakaiah Reign

A: I'm reachable via the links below👇.


Sakaiah Reign's journey as an author is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and the human spirit. Her work not only entertains but also offers profound insights into life's complexities. We thank her for sharing her experiences and encourage our readers to explore her compelling narratives.

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