Unseeing Eyes (1)

“The Unseeing Eyes”

"The Unseeing Eyes"

They are always watching, the unseeing eyes. They judge me from above and within, without mercy or compassion. They see my every flaw, my every mistake, my every sin. They whisper in my ears, telling me I am not good enough, not worthy, not loved. They make me doubt myself, my abilities, my dreams. They fill me with fear, guilt, shame. They are the unseeing eyes of judgement, and they are my own.

I try to escape them, to silence them, to ignore them. I try to find validation, approval, acceptance from others. I try to please them, to impress them, to belong with them. But they are never satisfied, never impressed, never accepting. They always find something wrong, something lacking, something missing. They are the unseeing eyes of judgement, and they are the world's.

I wonder if there is a way to free myself, to heal myself, to love myself. I wonder if there is a way to see myself, to accept myself, to be myself. I wonder if there is a way to face them, to challenge them, to change them. I wonder if there is a way to open them, to awaken them, to transform them. I wonder if there is a way to turn them into the unseeing eyes of compassion, and they are mine.

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Founder of KVI Network Creations, I'm an accomplished author, poet, and theologian, bringing a unique blend of creativity and spirituality to my work. A retired combat veteran, I've dedicated my life to both art and service. Feel free to reach out at 401-388-0016.

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  1. In my youth, I faced the challenges of low self-esteem, bullying, and various forms of abuse. Contrary to the saying that only sticks and stones can break bones, words proved to be a potent weapon. What’s seen can’t be unseen, and the impact of hurtful words linger. Despite grappling with lingering low self-esteem from my past, each day is a step toward improvement, fueled by time and the unwavering love of God.

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