A silhouette of a person in a hat and red dress is superimposed on an image of a burning object, creating a double exposure effect.

Ghost of Shadows (Revised)

A figure in shadows, obscured and hazy, echoes the love we once embraced. Radiant and intense, we journeyed through flames, ignited by desires and passions. A fiery dance rides waves cascading from the heavens—fire and water entwined. Encased within a frame, captive behind sealed windows, yearning for breath while exhaling ember pheromones. Swept off my feet by a Knight in armor gleaming bright. Spinning into a twilight memory on the dance floor, tapping to inaudible drums, a love rhythm etched into the world’s timber.

Yet ever-watchful, she lingers. Balanced on the precipice of a gaze, ethereal and transcendent. Unseen by him, but not by me. A form draped in a crimson gown, a specter from Hades, ensnared within the limbo of dreams and restless slumber. Devoid of visage, bereft of eyes, her fixed stare unspoken but seething with ire. Silent, yet her presence screams fury, as though I’ve robbed her of reality. Who is she, this enchantress?

His words insisted it was a solitary lapse, with a woman he did not love. Still, memories persist, haunting like a relentless specter. That night when I stumbled upon them. In a time I believed we were content, waltzing through existence. So why did he disrupt my radiance with this hurtful charade?

Restoration seemed plausible; the year elapsed brought better days. But the spectacle endures, resurfacing repetitively, a loop entrenched within my mind. Though forgiveness was extended, my heart clings to the event’s residue.

He claimed she pursued, seduced him into forbidden realms. Temptation contested yet defeated, as she painted fantasies unbeknownst to me, his spouse. How could she infiltrate our haven, our sanctum, our bed? I couldn’t fathom his betrayal.

When I walked in on their forbidden liaison, he shoved her from his embrace, causing her to stumble and strike her head. That night unfolded in an instant, a looped reverie—her descent upon the dresser’s edge, leading to her eventual, unseen demise. Gazing into my eyes, her awareness of triumph was palpable, a grin etched upon her face. Then, an abrupt impact against the table, sealing her fate.

Her body hidden, concealing secrets from prying neighbors. A shared clandestine, a pact bound for eternity. Dubbed a mystery by news outlets, her absence unexplained. A hidden diary resides interred, safeguarding our shared truth. Yet she endures, a phantom returned to torment us, a reminder of her liaison with my beloved. The animosity once felt has shifted to dread and remorse, as she lingers within my conscience’s periphery, drawing ever nearer.

He remains oblivious, while I bear witness. A silhouette within a blur—remnants of their love once shared.

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