A person in a suit holds a red cloth in front of a large bull amidst a misty backdrop.


He displays sensitivity only when it’s crucial,
When the situation demands it.
He easily embraces life’s various challenges,
Enveloping his inner essence.
His essence lies in his core,
Where tranquility and serenity reside.
Don’t confuse his calm demeanor,
For a lack of sensitivity.

Modesty is immense strength kept in check.
Consider the instance of Jesus, our Father,
Manifesting immense power,
Yet remaining composed.

Maintaining composure preserves dignity amidst adversity.
To rise above, restrain your words, and walk away.
Some might perceive him as gentle and feeble,
Yet he conquers the greatest battles.
Taming the fiercest bull demands mastery from within.

Great strength tempered with humility.
The identity of a true man, genuinely gentle.
An individual composed of diverse facets,
Avoid misunderstanding.
The one you’ve encountered,
Is just a facet of his multi-dimensional self.
A stereotype often misconstrued as fragility:
A term with alternative connotations:
“Insightful” and “Sharp”.
So, which persona and character
Does he truly embody?

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