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Rita Rana: Need of a Change

Book Title: “Need Of A Change, A New Beginning” (ASIN: B089M8WWHB)

Let’s start at the beginning. Wow! Our initial reaction. The book cover is stunning and its significance is well captured. Impressive work! This book is undeniably extraordinary and profound. It’s often said that the spiritual teachings of the Bible are like a double-edged sword, capable of piercing those it targets while simultaneously affecting the one wielding it… in a metaphorical sense, of course.

The author’s words truly embody that metaphorical sword. The poems and prose within bring to mind ancient wisdom, as if the author has experienced a century of life (demonstrating maturity) or has previously lived this life (hinting at reincarnation). It feels as though they’ve returned to Earth to share their immense wisdom.

I find this book to be encouraging, captivating, and soul-stirring; it’s unfiltered and straightforward, honest, modest, uplifting, and much more. The book’s structure flows like a river, seamlessly connecting each chapter and addressing prior questions. It’s truly a work of art, conveyed through words.

Frequently, I find myself introspecting and reconsidering the paths and choices that led me to this moment, because Rita’s words strike a chord within me. The book prompts one to peer into the near future and reconcile their life’s truths (as the author eloquently articulated). It’s safe to say the book has this effect on its readers. Rita seems to possess an innate understanding of the inner workings of the human soul. Her vulnerability, courage, and confidence are evident simultaneously; she’s human, just like us.

There are numerous poems in this book that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I had to hold them back, as the author’s words were so heartfelt, modest, and genuine. The author unmistakably embodies the qualities of a loving and compassionate individual, caring not only for themselves but for others above all. I can discern that this author pays close attention to those around her and exudes a charismatic aura that I personally admire. If I were a stranger in her presence, I’d undoubtedly be drawn to her, like a magnet attracted to such a bright, positive human being.

Apologies for the lengthy review.

In conclusion, the overall sentiment evoked by reading this book is one of warmth, love, solace, truth, integrity, candor, humility, and sincerity. We wholeheartedly give this book a five-star rating. We’re eager to recommend this book to both the young and old. It’s a book that everyone should aspire to read and not miss out on.

We sincerely hope the author continues to write more. Our prayers are with her for strength and abundant blessings in her future endeavors. We are genuinely grateful for being introduced to the heart, soul, and mind of the author, Rita Rana. Thank you.

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