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A Tale of Longing, Despair, and Madness


Prose by TC Neville Senior

Sometimes, I ache for the sun's warmth on my skin, but my pain, tears like rain, keep engulfing me. Am I losing my sanity beneath this weight? If I could break the surface, freedom awaits, like a little bird soaring in the open sky. Yet, I'm ensnared below. Can God hear my cries in this profound ocean? Can anyone lend a hand, rescue me from this despair? I press on the matrix mirror, unsure of up or down, lost in a reflection.

"Who am I?" A question echoing through lifetimes, a reflection before death. My life flashed before me on multiple occasions, though death eluded. Now...

An island, a body of land encircled by the ocean—metaphorically, that's me. An abandoned, solitary island surrounded by an impenetrable glass surface, turning every direction fruitless.

Trapped. Unsure if it's my mind or a temporal constraint beyond grasp. Yet, one certainty binds me in this unseen cage—an unfamiliar force.

Every day, I yearn for death, yet each escape turns out to be another dream. Torturous! Stuck in a loop, like a movie replaying before my open eyes. Is this Hades, where immortal souls dread?

Today or tonight, indistinguishable, I open my eyes from death's dream. The movie of my life unfolds. Ironically, the calm precedes my storm, contrary to common belief, driving me to the brink.

(Continues in the book, Dark Haze)

- TC Neville Senior, Author & Poet.

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