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KVINC House Rules: Respect, Content Standards, Equality, and Bullying Prohibition



36.1 – Respect and Zero-Tolerance for Disrespect

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect within our community, whether it’s our property, apartment, home, club, or fraternity. This applies to both members and guests. Violations of our house rules listed below will result in automatic banning. Paying member subscribers violating these rules will forfeit their remaining dues for that subscription month. As artists and authors, regardless of differences, we aim to respect each other, working together to enhance the world with our talents.

36.2 – Content Standards

“Maintain Clean and Non-Obscene Language”

All content published on our platform is screened. While we embrace diverse genres in artistry, we uphold a “Christian Based” ethos. In consideration of members, customers, and visitors of all ages, any content that might “shock the conscience” of a reasonable person or appears “questionable” will be promptly removed. Editors or administrators have the discretion to mark posts or pages as ‘private’ or restrict access via passwords for questionable content. We offer a private community forum for members seeking to keep their content private. Contact the admin for more information.

36.3 – Equality and Bullying Prohibition

“A Space Free from Bias, Discrimination, and Bullying”

Within our community, every member is entitled to their beliefs, opinions, and choices. We do not stand as judges or creators of anyone’s soul. KVINC maintains an unbiased stance regarding race, nationality, culture, status, gender, color, employer, or preference. We do not tolerate any form of degradation, bullying, theft, plagiarism, copyright infringement, or similar actions from our domain members. Those found guilty of such acts “intentionally” will face eviction after investigation.

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