A woman with angel wings stands in a grassy field, extending her hand toward a swirling flock of birds under a dramatic sky.

An Angel’s Whisper

I Heard It!

On an unexpected night, a wondrous occurrence unfolded,
As an angelic voice graced my senses, casting its divine spell.
The symphony it composed carried an enchanting allure,
One my soul had never been primed to experience before.

A voice that startled my very core, leading me back to my essence,
Its tenor’s purity cascading like a melodious waterfall.
Flowing like liquid warmth, akin to rain’s embrace,
Drenching my existence, from head to toe’s space;
A sensation both arousing and electrifying,
Racing along nerves, through veins, igniting.

Her voice, a serenade in my ear, akin to whispered love,
A love letter inked with true care and fondness.
Her honest rendition of lyrics struck chords so sincere,
Raw, innocent, pure, a truth she would transcribe.
Stirring reactions unanticipated, deep within,
Awakening dormant responses, from flesh to bone’s inn.

And to address your query,

“No, I shan’t falter or fail you.
I’m resolute, not to lose you.
I’m adamant, not to wound you.”
An angel’s abode is heaven’s rightful place,
Yet, should you grace this earthly realm, my dear,
Clouds I would harness, a celestial embrace,
Suspended in this reverie where you appear,
On blissful clouds, with kisses to endear.

Never could I envision inflicting distress on you.
Your stature, a constellation, ‘midst galaxies far,
Orion’s belt would form your illustrious crown,
Such is the depth of the value you are.
Can you truly perceive it now, no longer afar?

On this night unforeseen, a transformation unfurled,
My heart laden with sorrow, with pain unfurled.
But your voice…
That melody, that murmur, yes, your song, my dove,
Altered my emotions, new purpose it would prove.

My heart pulsed, renewed vigor flowed in my veins,
Reviving, mending wounds, life’s energy anew.
Each sentiment that night…
Opposite of Joy, Hope, a dim hue,
Love’s resonance surged, a sense in its wake;
Assurance, all would be well, nothing at stake.
In love with an “Angel’s Whisper”, a bond we partake.

– Vee Nelly | Author & Poet

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