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5 Solid Reasons Why Reading Books Is A Good Habit

“Books are a man’s best friend. If you are a reader, you are never truly alone and this is the biggest reason why reading books is a good habit.”

Since school, parents and teachers try developing a reading habit in children. Even though reading seems like an old folks tale, there are still people who enjoy reading and prefer it over any form of screen time. One of the reasons why your peers have been pasturing you about reading is that it helps with the structural development of the brain. The benefits of reading are innumerous. It is one of these things that you need to try to believe in.

Now, even though there is no doubt as to why reading books is a good habit, I have still curated a list of reasons that are sure enough to make you fall in love with reading.

5 Reasons Why Reading Books Is A Good Habit

1. Boredom Buster

If you tend to get bored easily, reading will be your cure. One of the major reasons why reading books is a good habit is that it never lets you get bored. You will always have a book or two to rescue. Boredom is a very common phenomenon in children, developing a reading habit ensures that an individual is doing something productive in the wee hours.

2. A Friend

Are you an introvert like me? If you, like me, love staying indoors, it is very much possible that you have a small group of friends. Now the smaller the group of friends you have, there is a high probability of you feeling alone. With a book by your side, you would always feel there is someone to accompany you.

3. Improves Language

A few weeks back, a colleague of mine was worried about her language, specifically her writing skills. I was surprised when our mentor recommended that she start reading. See, for me, reading is just like watching TV. Even though I have heard it helps improve language, little did I know that experts recommended it! I swear by this reason and believe that it alone is enough to answer as to why reading books is a good habit. Why spend a fortune in brushing up your skills if you can have something better at a lesser cost?

4. Travel Without Passport

I can proudly say that I have travelled the world! Even though the places I have travelled to are all fictional, they have truly left an imprint on my heart. From magical kingdoms to warlands to seas; my books have helped me travel the world and beyond! I think no one would straight out question why reading books is a good habit, the benefits of reading are exemplary. There is so much that books have to offer all you need is a good book and a quiet corner, and just like that, you have your magic ticket!

5. Best Form Of Meditation

“A key aspect of meditation is to have control of your mind.”

Reading books helps you enter a whole new paradigm of mind. A reader can visualize the words, visualization is a powerful tool of meditation. I believe reading books is equal to meditating. Developing a reading habit is not a complicated thing to do and it is never late to adopt a good habit. If you are planning on jumping on the reader’s bandwagon, here are a few tips that would set you going.

Tips on Developing Reading Habit

As I said, it is never too late to develop a good habit. It takes only 66 days to develop a habit, a time that I believe is investable. Now that we know why reading books is a good habit, let’s talk about how to develop this habit.

Tip 1: Take Small Steps

Just like walking where you start with small steps, reading too needs to be taken slowly. Start with 3 pages every day. Choose a genre where your interest lies, buy a book and dedicate time to reading. I will be honest, you won’t fall in love with reading immediately. You may feel bored or agitated but remember the end goal and stick to the 3-page goal.

Tip 2: Keep Record

People have reported that recording themselves on camera when doing something challenging helps them focus more. If you are uncomfortable with it, you can create a log. Log your progress every day. You may read 1 page someday and some days you might even get to a 10. Keep a record, this helps in being accountable.

Tip 3: Be Persistent

Just like anything, reading too requires you to be persistent. Even if you feel like you would die of boredom, stick to the set goal. Remember you need to force yourself for a few days, after it you would enjoy it. Even though there is no doubt that reading books are a good habit, if you are not into books or cannot develop this habit, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a break and start again. The focus should be to be involved in something positive and have fun while at it!

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