A painting of a woman with an afro, holding a bee in each hand, and with a bird perched on her shoulder.

Sinister Venom

Sinister Venom

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
Who could have predicted this outcome,
That his existence would crumble into ruin?
Now imprisoned within his own mind’s room.
“Am I mad? A magnet to chaos’s tune?”
Or perhaps, deep down, he admired the gloom,
The dominance of a dark celestial moon.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
Two minds collided but never in sync,
Trust and dialogue vanished in a blink.
They were Mars and Venus, astral poles apart,
Sunlight and moonbeams, a conflicted start.
Yet her lips spoke power, between her hips, a grasp,
A hypnotic spell, an enigmatic clasp.
He admitted her prowess, his spirit entrapped,
As she rode his emotions, his will was snapped.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
They crossed paths, flags of warning flown,
A materialistic diva, seeds of tumult sown.
Unveiled without a guidebook, a puzzle unsolved,
Burning through energy, too quickly dissolved.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
Caught her one snowy night, upstairs she concealed,
Ammonia’s scent and bleach, the air revealed.
Not cleaning, no, vengeance she sought to wield,
Ex’s possessions destroyed, her rage unconcealed.
Furniture stabbed, dishes shattered in zeal,
While he, the rescuer, watched her ordeal,
A victim and aggressor, a twisted ordeal,
“Revenge,” she screamed, her rage unrepealed.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
A knight, he appeared, armor polished and bright,
Walking miles for a fleeting delight.
A weakness, his curse, damsels he’d save,
“Captain Save-a-” his friends used to rave.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
His identity marred, he should have been wise,
Facing repercussions, no easy goodbyes.
Collateral damage, chaos in her wake,
Destruction she caused for destruction’s sake.
A last word she craved, to dominate and break,
His worth she’d drain, every penny she’d take.
Was this her design, a black widow’s plan,
Seduction’s trap for a vulnerable man?
When he’s weak, her secret Kryptonite,
Does she devour him, bit by bit, night by night?

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
Irony prevails, twice he’d escaped before,
Unaware of freedom, different paths they’d explore.
New partners they found, yet both incomplete,
Lacking trust and connection, their hearts’ true feat.
Back to each other, temptation led their retreat,
Deception and cheating, a bitter deceit.
From a fling to a chain, a trap bittersweet,
Into dangerous waters, they spiraled, replete.

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
“Sir, where are you?” voices asked in the haze,
Paralyzed, voiceless, trapped in a maze.
A hospital room, memories erased,
Blinking twice for “yes,” once for a case.
His body’s mystery, doctors tried to chase,
Overheating, paralysis, no steady pace.
He knew the truth, a secret smile on his face,
(Immovable, his smirk, in this life’s grace).

Fire. Thunder. Alluring. Toxin.
A bee drawn to her heat, her floral bloom,
Ensnared by her nectar, impending doom.
Each taste electrified, her essence consumed,
Through her sockets and stinger, they both met their tomb.
Her honey sweet, her poison to loom,
He chose to sting, seal his fate in gloom.
When the bee’s lance strikes, it meets its own gloom,
The Queen of the hive, a venomous plume.
Dark Venom’s her name, in shadows she’d groom.

– A reinterpretation of the original story Dark Venom, inspired and written by Vee Nelly.
Photo by Alvin Epps, borrowed from Pinterest.com
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