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Voice Through the Water

… Suddenly, my ears popped,
and a rush of various sounds engulfed me.
Confusion and terror filled me.
I attempted to fight back with kicks and fists,
struggling to scream, yet silence prevailed.

Enveloped in a foreign liquid,
my body and skin were imprisoned,
perhaps this was the origin of my tears.

But then, a change occurred.
A sound reached me, followed by a touch,
angelic and soothing, penetrating layers,
vibrations transcending obstacles, merging with my being.

Comfort blossomed within me,
as the distinct sound soothed my unease,
a touch embedded within the melody.

“Beloved Child,
Find solace;
Mother is here…
Fear not.
I’m with you…”

The melody, the voice,
erased the eerie noises, calming my senses.
Focused and reassured,
stranger’s harmonious words resonated.

At last, I dared to open my eyes,
the brightness overwhelming, leading me to close them once more.
Passed from one set of arms to another,
settling in the embrace of welcoming love.

Skin against skin, a powerful connection formed,
a bond unbreakably binding us.
Ironically strange,
tears welled up, fear gripped me,
this new world bewildering and grand.

Cries intensified, echoes blending with booms,
drums and instruments blending into my tiny ears.

Then, once again, that sound…
A whispered breath upon my chilled skin,
warmth cocooning me in its embrace.

“Beloved Child,
Find solace;
Mother is here…
Fear not;
I’m with you…”

Here I am,
solitude surrounding me.
Your presence now distant.
This world’s cacophony too much,
pain and terror enveloping today,
and the uncertain morrow.

I called out,
a plea for aid,
as liquid tears surged,
a deluge overwhelming my soul,
threatening to drown me.

Yet amidst it all, I heard it,

“Beloved Child,
Find solace;
Mother is here…
Fear not;
I’m with you…”

From the very start, your voice was there,
accompanying my watery beginnings,
steadfast through weary years.
Always you, dear mother…
Voices through the water…

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© May 9, 2023 – Vee Nelly | KnightVision.Ink

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