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Sensing Fate



Once upon a time, in a world where nothing is what it seems anymore; where both dream and reality are no longer divided between time and space, but fused upon the hinge of an escape; a glimmer of an image seen only from the corner of an eye; where one questions if they truly saw what they did, or was this just another figment of twisted imaginations.

Is this an age where the things we only read or hear about in movies and books now run rampant outside the barrier of imagery and dreams; tired of being called ghosts and spirits? Maybe it's a sign of the end where the earth's gravitational spin is gearing up; preparing for something sinister at best; opening an impossible gateway unto an universe once believed to be permanently shut by the Creator Himself. A dimension where spirits of the long dead and fallen could never cross from the depths of hades into our plane.

Strange as this may be to ponder, but the fact remains, this world is coming to and end, and every living thing, whether beasts, ghosts, angels, demons, or spirits (whatever you dub them) can already sense its fate, can't you?...


It was a cold and windy night as I lay under the thick wool blankets my husband and I purchased from the huge sale at a mall earlier today. We argued about the price like most married couples do, but eventually, I convinced him it was a steal, and we couldn't leave without buying it. He folded, I'd won!

I look over to where he now sleeps, a faint snore can be heard, indicating he was in-deep, under the canopy of a dreamscape, the blanket wrapping him like a cocoon. Go figure.

I cannot sleep. The clock on the nightstand is glowing 02:30 Hrs. I am looking up at the ceiling thinking about what I'd witnessed only moments ago, when I walked over to the window to shut it. In the trees below, right there in the spiny palms of the old dark branches crouched a huge cat with green eyes staring up into the other bedroom window that belonged to the last occupants of this ancient house.

"This old house."

The craziest thing about it, just like the argument with the linen, I was concerned about the price when we bought it only a week ago. My husband had hit me with the same line I'd previously used on him about the blanket. Ironic huh? But not the background history of this house I'd soon learn.

What was strange about this scene was the fact that it was pitch black outside, except for the crescent moon in the faroff distance. But this feline of an animal looked too beastly to be called a regular house cat, and the color of this anomaly? Well, was that of the aura of a ghostly apparition... "See Through" ...


The following day unfolded with a deceptive calmness, as though the events of the previous night were mere fragments of a dream. The aroma of brewing coffee greeted me as I entered the kitchen, my husband seemingly oblivious to the peculiar visitor outside our window.

Over breakfast, I cautiously broached the subject, recounting the phantom cat perched in the ancient tree. My husband chuckled, attributing it to a trick of moonlight playing on tired eyes. Yet, an unsettling feeling lingered—an intuition that our new home held secrets beyond its charming facade.

As daylight waned, I delved into the history of our abode. Dusty records in the old town archives revealed accounts of past occupants recounting strange occurrences and spectral sightings. Our seemingly quaint house harbored a hidden legacy of unexplained phenomena.

As night descended, nearing the bewitching hour, I felt an irresistible pull to the window once more. The atmosphere shifted, a hush of otherworldly proportions blanketing the surroundings. There it was—the transparent feline figure, its emerald eyes gleaming in the moonlit darkness.

Driven by an inexplicable curiosity, I ventured into the house's hidden recesses. In the attic's dim light, I stumbled upon a collection of ancient journals. Faded ink unveiled tales of a bygone era, chronicling a ritual meant to open a gateway to realms beyond.

As the words unfolded on yellowed pages, realization dawned—our house was a nexus, an intersection between the ordinary and the extraordinary. I had unwittingly become entwined in a cosmic tapestry, where the boundaries of dreams and reality blurred.

The missing link revealed itself, intertwining me with forces beyond comprehension. Little did I know that this journey would lead not only to unraveling the secrets of the house but also to confronting the destiny of a world hurtling towards an enigmatic end.


The days that followed were a kaleidoscope of discovery and unease. Each creak of the old wooden floors seemed to echo with the whispers of the past, revealing a history that transcended the ordinary. My exploration of the house continued, guided by the cryptic entries in the ancient journals.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows throughout the house, I stumbled upon a hidden chamber. Dust particles danced in the air as I entered, and my breath caught at the sight of an intricate altar adorned with symbols I couldn't decipher. The air in the room carried a palpable energy, as if the very walls held the echoes of long-forgotten incantations.

Driven by a mix of trepidation and curiosity, I began deciphering the journals' entries. They spoke of a ritual—a delicate dance between realms, meant to maintain a delicate balance that had kept the cosmic forces at bay. It seemed our house was a guardian, a bridge between worlds, and its occupants unwittingly became custodians of a mystical equilibrium.

As I delved deeper, the line between observer and participant blurred. Whispers of voices long silenced reverberated in the stillness of the night. The transparent cat, now a recurring presence, seemed to guide me, its ethereal form leading me to hidden passages and forgotten corners of the house.

In the heart of the night, I found myself standing before the mysterious altar, compelled by a force beyond my understanding. The ritual described in the journals unfolded in my mind, and an unsettling realization gripped me—the fate of the world hung in the balance, and I held the key.

The ancient house, with its intertwined history of spirits and rituals, had chosen me as its keeper. The missing link I sought was not just a mystery to unravel but a responsibility to bear. As the clock ticked towards the inevitable convergence of worlds, I grappled with the weight of destiny, unsure of the role I was destined to play in the cosmic drama that unfolded within the walls of our peculiar abode.

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