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KVI Copyright Disclaimer and Notice: Terms, Attribution, and Content Usage


**Copyright Disclaimer for KVI**

*Notice to Copyright Owners*

This Copyright Notice is a crucial part of our Terms and Conditions "Terms" and should be perused alongside our primary Terms and Conditions.

Copyright Notice for KVINC

KnightVision.Ink | KVI Network Creations | KVINC operates as a community-supported website, with the majority of the content being uploaded by our user community or collected from various sources, including free image repositories and websites.

Images, Photo Prompts & Blog Covers

The majority of our images were sourced from free websites and apps, including but not limited to []( and []( Some images from were used as photo prompts for our original poetry, and proper attribution was given where available. Any unattributed images were diligently pursued to ensure proper credit.

While published content is generally believed to be authorized for sharing and personal use, such as desktop wallpaper, phone backgrounds, and blogs, either by the uploader/author or due to Public Domain licensing, all images on this website are subject to copyright by their respective authors.

Permission from the respective authors is required for any use beyond the aforementioned purposes.

KVINC retains the discretion to determine whether or not to host any images or content submitted by users.

Articles and Literature

Certain articles on our blog "Things to Ponder" originated from handouts distributed during prior college and vocational classes. These articles were retyped and posted on our blog, often without clear attribution. They are meant solely for educational purposes, not for monetary gain or fame. If you are the original creator of any of these articles and wish to receive credit or have them removed, please reach out to us.

Poetry, Stories & Prose

All other prose and poetry on our website are posted with permission from their original creators and are copyrighted as such. If you encounter any content whose source or creator seems questionable, please contact us for clarification.

Our platform's purpose is transparency and integrity.

We will never claim credit for content that is not our own. This platform was designed to showcase the diversity and talents of various cultures, styles, and creativity. Simultaneously, it serves as a space for learning and character-building through our blogs.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others.

If you are a copyright owner or authorized representative and believe that copyrighted work has been used in a manner constituting copyright infringement, please submit your claim.

To request removal of content based on alleged copyright infringement, please email, call, or text at 401-388-0016. Provide details such as the link to the content, as well as where your original work can be found.

The same principles apply to literature, movies (.mp4), and music (.mp3).

Questions About Copyright Content?

How to Contact Us Regarding This Policy**

For further questions or comments, please reach out to our Support Center.

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