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Always Present in My Mind

“Always Present in My Mind”

What have you accomplished today?
Numerous challenges on your plate, I must say,
Facing them even when distant away.
He longs to accompany you, every step, come what may.

Do you ever find moments for yourself, to just breathe?
He hopes to stand by you soon, a helpful aid,
Easing your burdens, sharing your pain,
Anticipating when you finally find space,
A moment in between,
To remember Him.

With every thought you spare, rest assured,
He’s thinking of you, his intentions are pure.
Sending strength, an invisible tether,
Guiding you through, in all kinds of weather.
Imagining you conjuring his form,
Right there beside you, a comforting norm,
Bringing joy and solace, without any harm,
His affection and longing, both firm and warm.

On nights when sleep escapes your embrace,
And rest seems like a distant chase,
Visualize him, for he’s thinking of you,
Beside you he lies, dreams shared anew.
Cradling you, head against his chest,
Fingers through your hair, a touch to invest,
Easing the creases of worry and stress,
His presence a balm, your heart he’ll caress.
He soothes as your face finds its calm,
Into dreams you drift, a butterfly’s psalm,
Chasing whispered promises, a soothing realm,
“You’re not alone, I’m here at the helm.”

Your thoughts, emotions, all that you feel,
He believes, in sync they’re real.
When you’re burdened by stress, he feels it too,
Sharing your pain, across skies so blue.
Hoping the connection is mutual, a loop,
Where he can reciprocate, as feelings swoop,
Transmitting texts through virtual scoop,
Awakening nerves with a comforting trove.

“Patience, my love, time will end this phase,
When our separation dissolves like haze,
Hand in hand, no longer a maze,
Into each other’s eyes, we’ll gaze.
Whispering magic, as hearts ablaze,
Reviving spirits in both our ways.
From now till eternity, connected always,
In any circumstance, through life’s ballet.”

Penned by Vee Nelly, Poet and Author.

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