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“Unleashing the Power of Self-Mastery: A Journey with TC Neville Senior”

Discover the profound journey of self-mastery with TC Neville Senior in “It’s My Business, Mind Your Own.” This inspiring guide and workbook offer a unique blend of entrepreneurial diligence and poetic empathy, empowering readers to navigate life’s complexities with intention, courage, and grace. Through engaging stories and introspective exercises, Neville Senior provides a roadmap for personal and professional growth, making self-empowerment both accessible and deeply transformative. Available now on

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Colors of Life: A Chromatic Journey

“In the heart of Chroma, where each hue has a voice, I clothe myself in the colors of my life’s journey. Black mirrors the nights wrapped in love’s embrace, while red recalls the fierce battles and tender losses. Gold captures the sparkle in my children’s eyes, and silver reflects the wisdom gained from life’s tempests. Each color tells a story, each shade a chapter of triumph and challenge in the vivid tapestry of my existence.”

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