two laptop computers and DJ turntables

Virtual Poetry Mixer 4 – Event

My name is Annette Phillip and I am hosting my fourth Poetry Mixer virtual on Saturday, May 13th, 2023 at 8 pm.

This mixer is not a competition it is just for fun and to expose our different art forms. As a means of encouragement to our talented artists, writers and performers. That said, I’ve decided to offer two prizes to the artists who deliver compelling presentations.

Suggestions include:

decorating your background to create an ambiance that will enhance our audience experience.

Feel free to dress up in attire that fits your work and any background music is also welcome. No pressure it’s just an incentive to make our viewers and you the artist experience something different.

Registration is required to participate in this mixer with a minimal $2.00 per poem/song/spoken word fee. Due to the allocated time and the number of participants each performer is allowed one piece.

Each performer will be allocated up to six (6) minutes to perform their piece. Please be sure to time yourself. It is respectful and considerate to your fellow performers.

Please send the titles of the work that you will be presenting to : MY Email Address

If you need background music, send it to me by 9 pm Wednesday May 10th, 2023 (State the title).

*Please ensure all material you will present is copyright free, your original work or that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the material.

You must be in a quiet area with no distractions.

I need to ensure everyone can access the platform. Therefore, I will have someone available from 4 pm on Friday, and everyone should log in and join me backstage by 6:30 pm to test for lighting, audio/video from the link below. I will send you the link. We will be using stream yard platform.

Please be kind and respect each other and the audience. Keep your microphone muted until it is your turn to perform.

We will go live online at 8 pm however all performers should be backstage at least half an hour before this. When a performer is on, everyone else will be kept backstage until it’s his/her turn. This will help keep the audio clean and prevent feedback and background noise.

A Streamyard link will be emailed to you. You do not need to install any additional software, a computer with a camera and microphone attached is recommended. Please ensure you’re in a quiet, well-lit, area.

When you click the link your web browser will open, and Streamyard will ask you for permission to use your camera and mic (make sure you connect them and they’re working before clicking the link). Next, enter your display name, Headline (Optional) and then click “Enter Studio.” This will place you backstage until we add you to the stage.

Note: this last step is very important as not entering the studio means we will be unable to see you backstage.

This event will be carried live on all platforms by TDN Network.

Thank you!

Author and host | Annette Phillip