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Always Present in My Mind

Discover the heartfelt words of Vee Nelly, a poet and author, who beautifully expresses the longing and connection between two souls. Embrace the power of shared thoughts and feelings, as they navigate life’s challenges together.

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Black Heart

Embark on a chilling journey into darkness as a twisted narrative reveals the secrets of a sinister black heart in this eerie tale of deceit and terror. Midnight’s enigma awaits.

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Coming Soon: The Hidden Miracle

Introducing “The Hidden Miracle” by W. Sheppard aka the Modern Day Moses. Discover a riveting story filled with constructive advice and “Heavenly Perspectives” that offer guidance in dealing with life’s tribulations. Explore the unexpected depth of an incarcerated man’s heart and challenge conventional prejudices. Learn how to support the author’s cause and get involved in his mission. Click here to read more.

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